An Evening with Diane Ponzio

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Thursday 10th September marked a special evening in Westside Mi’s new Martin Guitar lounge.  A visit from Martin Ambassador Diane Ponzio is always full of amazing information about the much celebrated history of the Martin Guitar company.

Diane’s passion and enthusiasm for Martin guitars is incredibly infectious and it’s impossible not to listen intently and give her your undivided attention.  Such is her enthusiasm it is hard not to get pulled in as she walks you through the history of Martin and the acoustic guitar.

Diane took our guests through the different bracing patterns, tone woods and pickups available from Martin, all this information gives our customers the tools to make an informed choice when joining the Martin family and choosing the right guitar for them.  As ever she entertained us with songs on both ukulele and guitar as well as a Q&A session. Diane took time to speak to anyone who wished to pick her brains further on individual guitars, whilst our guests took the opportunity to try out some of the best guitars available from the Martin range.

We would like to thank Diane for coming to see us and sharing her amazing knowledge and we would like to thank our guests for making the night a memorable one.