Andy James Visits Westside MI

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Sunday at Westside was accompanied by the sounds of Andy James doing his thing for Jam Track Central and EMG TV on YouTube. Wowed and inspired by his playing Alex and I both ventured home to work on our shredding.

This Tuesday morning I walked in the London showroom to hear monstrous riff-idge and shredding coming from the basement. First thing I thought was “that amp is loud” followed quickly by “DAMN that guy can play”. Immediately amazed by what I was hearing I ventured downstairs to investigate and to my very pleasant surprise found Andy James warming up his hands.

Having played for over an hour he made time for some gear chat, pedal testing, some lick tips which I will attempt to put into practise this evening. I can’t even describe some of the mind blowing chops from Andy. He then signed our wall and left to go record some more tracks for Jam Tracks Central. Check out Andy’s killer playing on YouTube.