Knock Your Block Off!!

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With the London Bass Guitar show looming near (2nd & 3rd March) there will be no end of low end junkies waiting to see what innovations the bass gurus of the world have to offer and Mesa Engineering certainly haven’t been sitting on their hands.

In 1994 they debuted their “Simul State”  Mosfet power amp technology and have continued to create kick ass bass heads to suit a multitude of players, from the Walkabout to the M-pulse 600 Boogie have a knack for dreaming up bass heads packed with all the relevant feature’s any player could want. But not satisfied with that Mesa Engineering decided to add some aggression to the mix with the Big Block 750 which compared to its siblings offers huge amounts of ballsy midrange voicing, tube driven distortion with a straightforward layout…..Voila! With a bigger than average power amp and 4x12AX7’s in the preamp you can create a great rock tones as well as a multitude of style spanning tones.

The Big Block features dual MID controls, a wide band PASSIVE MID takes care of overall midrange blend while the semi-parametric ACTIVE MID lets you focus in on specific regions. With an all tube Overdrive circuit the BB allows a warm range of distortion, from subtle fur to a rebellious grind. All controlled by an O.D master which gives you a separate volume level for the Overdrive mode and it’s footswitchable.

So if you have the bottle get your arse down to Westside MI, 24 Denmark St London and give the Big Block 750 a go and be prepared to have the fillings shaken from your head!!!