C.F. Martin Retro Series

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To develop the 4 new Retro Series Martin guitars (D-18E, D-45E, HD-28E, and OM-28E), Martin designers raided the Martin museum & selected some guitars to use as “tone donors” to develop the Retro pickup systems. The guitars used were a 1942 D-45, 1941 D-28,  1937 D-18 and a 1934 000-28 (long-scale). Each of these guitars possesses the sort of tone that can be attained by being played over a long period of time and so the idea electronically, was to reproduce that ‘museum quality’ character when amplified.

 During development, Fishman electronically infused the essence of the museum guitars into the newly created Martin counterparts, a new technology for both companies. To build upon this “vintage-conditioned” sound, Martin Guitar teamed up with Fishman and Grammy Award -winning producer Bill VornDick at his historic Mountainside Studios in Nashville for a multi-step process. They utilized VornDick’s private collection of rare vintage and boutique microphones, many of which date back to the 30’s and are iconic recording industry microphones. Some of these mics could be considered ‘Golden era’ mics just like the guitars they were recording so marrying the 2 was a genius yet logical idea & the two were a perfect complement to each other as they would  have been the kind of mics used when these museum guitars first started their lives. 

The Retro series guitars are vintage in appearance but have a modern “High Performance Neck” taper & modified low oval profile. The Fishman F1 Aura+ electronics system features an  “Easy Mode” with three pre-blended mic/pickup pre-sets and all of the programmability and tweakability of the original F1 Aura in “Performance Mode. “ 

So here we have 4 instruments that are wonderful acoustically, sound amazing live AND can give amazing tones with its pickup system in the studio and all for not much more money than the corresponding non electric Vintage Series models.

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