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We are very pleased to announce that on September 10th at 6pm, Martin ambassador Diane Ponzio will be hosting a clinic in our newly opened 1st floor Martin room Denmark Street showroom.

For anyone who has a keen interest in C.F Martin guitars, Diane will need no introduction. She’s a wonderful guitarist, singer and songwriter and has been a part of the Martin guitar family for a long time.

Diane Ponzio

Diane Ponzio

C.F Martin guitars and its incredible history is certainly Diane’s specialist subject and during her visit to our Denmark Street showroom, Diane will guide you through 181 years of rich music tradition, demonstrate the various models and talk about the guitars in detail. She will be happy to answer any questions you have about Martin guitars and more than likely play some of the fantastic Martin guitars that we have in our showroom as well, Inc her own Diane Ponzio JDPII signature model.

If you want a taster of Diane talking about Martin guitars, we suggest you check out her excellent series of videos, ‘The History of Tone’ on the Martin YouTube channel.

Here’s an example video where Diane talks about Martin bracing patterns..

Space for this event is limited so for details please contact us…..

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