It’s almost Christmas!! – Last minute stocking filler ideas!

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Jim Dunlop Mini Fuzz Faces


Small and compact! Cool looking and certainly the right size for a stocking filler! These little fellas pack a punch at less than half the size of their bigger brothers, with a range of tones coming from a choice of resistors, the Mini Fuzz faces have plenty to shout about.

G7th Capos


With G7th redesigning their famous Performance capos recently, making them more compact and easier to use, these little guys make a great addition to any guitar players toolkit. And what says Christmas more than a gold version? Bling? No, just class!

Jim Dunlop Slides


Every guitar player should have a slide, it’s not only fun but opens up a whole world of musical styles. Bored of using a pick or your fingers? Get involved, a world of open tunings and new techniques is just around the corner!

Cruztools guitar Tool kits


A toolkit isn’t the most obvious of presents, but this little handy bit of kit is great for the working musician. It includes everything you need to keep your instrument on the road, and small enough to keep in your gig bag or case! This set has string cutters, measuring tools for your string height, stringwinder and much more! Your guitar will love you forever!


Like your alternate tunings, but bored of having to adjust your guitars to do it, this clever little addition to your guitar will help you with getting to grips with a world of other tunings! And a handy tool to go with your new Slide! Easy to fit, no need for a technician to install them for you, this a gadget that guarantees to fill you with inspiration!

Mono Cases



Nothing says “I love you” to your guitar more than a new quality gigbag! OK, so these bad boys are high end, and probably too big to fit in a stocking, but these cases are made to last, and moreover, protect your pride and joy through the rigors of gigging and travel! With plenty of space to carry your accessories, and comfortable to carry, these cases have really set the benchmark to which all other gigbags are measured by!



Seems obvious, but we all love them, and we all have a favorite. I have even seen people argue the merits of their favorite pick in the pub (not me of course….ahem….). Jim Dunlop make this easy by offering so many choices. Their pick packs are not only great value, but also handy, with guitarists regularly losing their picks (where do they go?????) For those who aren’t sure what they need, then Dunlop have also variety packs, made up of their bestselling picks, allowing you to make the right choice!



Levy’s make some of the most remarkable straps in the world!  Ranging for basic and practical, to ornate and lush, their is no doubt about their quality.  But one of Levy’s best attributes, is that make straps for almost anyone!  Looking through the range, there is an abundance of choice and no guitar player should be without one!

We are open right up to Christmas!  If you need a helping hand, come see us and we will help you find that perfect little gift!

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, from all of us at Westside Mi!!