Martin D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo

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Before we talk about this wonderful guitar… The ‘Purple Martin’ is the largest North American Swallow and Cocobolo is a Central American tropical hardwood.

According to Wikipedia, Cocobolo (belonging to the genus ‘Dalbergia) stands up well to repeated handling and exposure to water so its common use is in gun grips and knife handles! In this instance it’s been put to good use as an incredible sounding (and looking) tonewood for the back and sides of this beautiful D-41 Purple Martin Cocobolo!

A favorite theme of Chris Martin’s, the 2015 version is the second in a series of Purple Martin Limited Editions. As mentioned it features richly coloured Cocobolo back, sides & Headplate which is paired with a premium grade Adirondack spruce soundboard with scalloped 5/16” width Martin X-bracing.

The edge of the top is adorned with Style 41 inlay as is the rosette but the inlay doesn’t stop there as the black pickguard, Ebony fingerboard & bridge are all inlaid with an artistically rendered and dramatic Purple Martin motif. This model is limited to only 50 sequentially numbered guitars worldwide and the interior label is personally signed by C. F. Martin IV.