For many Denmark Street regulars Andy will be a very familiar face. With a wealth of experience and knowledge Andy has been answering your questions and solving your problems for over 15 years in his time as the Manager of Rockers and Rhodes music. When he’s not making a racket here at the showroom he will be at his studio recording, mixing and mastering. He still plays regularly with his band ‘IT’. If you need the lowdown on Mesa Boogie amps and any of our pedal brands, Andy will give you chapter and verse and may even let you try them out!

Andy’s current favourite gear in the showroom are Mesa JP-2C Head, Schecter Banshee Elite in Cats Eye Pearl finish, Dunlop JD-JP95 John Petrucci Wah, Martin D12-35 50TH Anniversary 12 string acoustic and any Dunlop JAZZ III he can get his hands on!