Tom is our newest member of staff, and is also a Lefty (someone has to be!).Tom is a keen blues enthusiast and runs a regular Blues Jam on Denmark street’s Alley Cat venue and gigs regularly around the London Blues circuit. Tom has a passion for both electric guitars and acoustics, with an addiction to buying effects pedals which is borderline unhealthy. Tom is also a keen and accomplished Blues Harp player. When he first started here, he made a mean cup of tea but that is a very rare occurrence these days!

Before Tom joined us, his favourite piece of gear would have been anything he could get his hands on as being a lefty meant his choices were limited. Now he’s here we spend most of our time trying to get him to STOP playing one of our many lefty Martin guitars, especially the HD28VL!

Tom’s favourite pedal is whatever he has bought that week! As we mentioned before, Tom regularly gigs and he uses Mono cases for his guitars and Pedal Train for his pedals.