Mesa Boogie KING SNAKE!

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Mesa Boogie has done it again!

Designed in conjunction with Carlos Santana, this is the Mesa Boogie King Snake.

This 1×12 combo is being produced in an extremely limited run worldwide, built on spec based on Carlos’ original Mark 1 Boogie.


  • Compact 100 Watt 1×12 combo
  • Tube Cascading High Gain Preamp (SUSTAIN),
  • Footswitching (Clean to Overdrive),
  • Power Switch (100w/60w/10w),
  • Pull-Gain Boost, On-Board Graphic EQ and Slave Out

As well as these great features the amp has custom hardwood cabinetry and a Wicker Cane Grille which were all originally seen on the world’s first boutique amplifier, by the world’s first boutique amp builder, Randall Smith and MESA Engineering.



The Limited Edition King Snake is the direct descendant of THE original Boogie MK1 Carlos Santana used.  That amp was the transitional link between the low gain single channel amps of yesteryear and today’s current high gain, multi-channel Footswitching amplifiers.  In the past, players had to turn an amp all the way up to get overdrive which of course was very very loud, Boogie changed the game with the creation of the world’s first high gain tube preamp in 1970. This in turn allowed players to achieve sustain and singing tube overdrive at any volume.

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The King Snake is an exact replica of the amp Carlos Santana took out on tour in 1972/73.  In keeping with the original amp, Boogie have kept the unique chassis size and the amazing looking aged Snake-embossed Lambskin covering. The amp has also been updated to include all of Boogie’s tweaks and improvements made in the 43 years since the original amps creation, increasing the performance and versatility while staying true to the original amp.

For more information, and a great video documenting the history, and creation of this piece of history, visit HERE!