MONO Bags and Cases

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Here at Westside MI, we can get pretty geeky and excited about even the smallest things to do with our love of guitars. And guess what… This is no different!


MONO cases are a company straight out of California. They produce premium cases which not only provide superior protection for your instrument, but are a technological advancement in luggage design. MONO’s line of bags and cases offer brilliant storage for the musician on the move, whether it be a guitarist, a DJ, a keyboard player, a drummer, ukulele player or laptop musician.



They are the inventors of the Vertigo case. It’s a hybrid case which includes a top-loading design combined with a ‘Headlock’ neck enclosure to completely secure the instrument neck from heavy impacts, and at the bottom of the case is a thick, durable rubber sole called the ‘The Boot’ which is designed to take impact from heavy vertical drops. It’s actually made up of high density foam ‘bumpers’ with an outer rubber sole similar to which most of us will have on the bottom of our trainers (sneakers for our US cousins).

The case itself is made out of ABS panels, which are designed to deflect any impact which may come upon your beloved instrument. The outer skin of the case is built to military grade standards, and due to the ‘SharkSkin’ outer, it will stay dry even in a rainstorm. At the moment, the Vertigo is only available for electric, semi-hollow guitar, electric bass, and keyboard.



Their standard case comes equipped with a lot of these features, but loads traditionally from the side, like a normal hard case, and is without the rubber ‘Boot’ on the bottom. However, it still has the rubber foam inside bumpers, the headlock protection, the ABS construction and the hard wearing outer protection from the weather. Their standard case also caters for acoustic model shapes such as Dreadnought, OOO, OM and Classical. In this line they also do a double case, yes a case that holds either two electric guitars, or two bass guitars. For more information on their cases visit their website at


MONO also offers bags for cymbals, drumsticks, ukuleles and iPads. Their ‘civilian’ range is aimed at everyday tasks with rucksacks, iPad cases, wallets and even a water bottle. More on this range can be found here: