MXR Carbon Copy Bright

WebGuy Jim Dunlop, MXR

Those clever folks at Jim Dunlop Guitar Products have seemingly improved something that maybe was impossible to improve upon. The already amazing MXR carbon Copy has been tweaked and the result is the new Carbon Copy Bright!

It has taken a few years to give the world’s bestselling delay pedal a brand new flavour but here it is.

Equipped with the exact same features and functions as the standard MXR Carbon Copy, the Carbon Copy Bright Analogue Delay has been specially tuned with a sweetened top end to deliver a bright, crisp delay sound and more vocal-like repeats and note articulation.


It interacts extremely well with original Carbon Copy and the Modulation mode has a more dramatic effect.

Also, if you remove the back plate, there are 2 controls allowing you to adjust the width and depth adding even more versatility!


This pedal has only recently just been announced in the USA and we hope to see some here in the UK late July.