MXR Joe Bonamassa FET DRIVER

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A mystery now revealed…..for a limited time only.

For any of you out there drooling over Joe Bonamassa’s pedalboard over the last couple of months and on his recent tours may have noticed a pedal that you didn’t recognise although immediately familiar by its traditional MXR shape.  Something we felt all too excited about to ignore.

I contacted the powers that be to find out a special something was in the pipeline with wonderful folks over the seas at Jim Dunlop.

The limited edition custom shop Joe Bonamassa FET DRIVER is now upon us!!



Designed by the master and good friend to Joe, Jeorge Tripps, this pedal was tried and tested in Joe’s rig for months before going into production. Originally seen in a bronze colour to match some of the other pedals in his now infamous rig (for those still confused about what they may have seen in Joe’s pedal board pics…see the picture below) this pedal has been released in an awesome gloss black finish to be a little more aesthetically pleasing.



Essentially this pedal is a tube driver without the tube, delivering massive amounts of organic amp-like gain. Running it in line with a selection of vintage 100-watt Marshall’s Joe actually runs the gain at a little under 12 o’clock but with the level on full getting a tone which I believe to be inspired by the decades of Eric Johnson’s signature woody lead tone of a plexi Marshall and a tube driver.


This pedal features 2 EQ controls and a ‘high-cut’ button which gently rounds off the high end great for thickening up your tone even further. The FET DRIVER is 9VDC and runs at 25ma and works perfectly in line with other high gain pedals and fuzz faces should you dare. It is a perfect match for any single channel amp to add versatility and a extra gain stage, but for all you Bonamassa or EJ fans out there you might want to try it on already driven amp.

Come visit us in the showroom and test one of the new MXR CSP265 Joe Bonamassa FET DRIVER!