WebGuy Jim Dunlop, MXR

One of newest MXR Custom Shop pedals to be released is the brand new MXR Sub Machine.

This pedal is based on the great MXR la machine, but on steroids.  It uses the same snarling, face melting fuzz circuit and octave up mode as it’s little brother, but adds a sub octaves option, with dedicated controls, so you can dial in the perfect amount to take you to vintage tonal heaven, that even the most discerning cork sniffer would appreciate.

MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine

MXR Custom Shop Sub Machine

The minds at the MXR custom shop also added a series/parallel switch, this allows you to run the octave into the fuzz signal, or separate from it, to achieve a split channel effect, you can also run the sub octave circuit with out the fuzz on, giving you some mighty clean girth sounds.


This pedal is perfect for anyone who wants a great sounding fuzz, but something a bit different in terms of tonal possibilities.