NEW Talk Box (M222) by MXR

WebGuy Brands, Jim Dunlop, MXR

Ever hear the intro to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer? Want to emulate that sound? Well here you go… the new talk box by MXR.

The new talk box by MXR is a new alternative to the original Heil Talkbox to make it more portable for gigging purpose and more user friendly. It’s built into a sturdy, rugged housing to stand up to the touring musicians demands. It also has its own pre-amp built in and its own speaker driver to eliminate the need for another amp/speaker to accompany your FX chain or pedal board. To shape the texture of the signal, the user has separate Tone, Gain and Volume controls on the pedal itself.

The pedal includes an 18 volt power supply, an 8 inch surgical tube and a microphone stand clip to attach the tube. Now in stock at Westside Mi, 24 Denmark street, London.