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The newest member of the Way Huge family the ‘Supa-Puss’ is the latest and greatest delay of the ‘Supa’ brain that is Jeorge Tripps. It is a complex, responsive and dynamic delay with limitless capabilities and functions.

This fully analog delay also features true bypass switching with up to 900ms of delay time.

The way to start with this pedal is with the basics, ‘Baby steps’! To fully understand this pedal and all that is doable with it we must address each of its controls in turn as each is very sensitive and adjustable.

The controls are pretty straight forward. DELAY; this controls manually the length of delay (bypassing the tap-tempo footswitch). MIX; this controls how much delay in your signal. FEEDBACK; this is a multi-function control on this pedal that not only controls the amount of repeated signal but also has a ‘press’ function allowing you to select different note values for your delay. The options are a crotchet, dotted quaver, triplet and a semi quaver repeat. However, this pedals real party piece is the ability to cycle through these four selections any way you please, forward, backwards and all combinations in between. This can give some very psychedelic repeat signals and some truly bizarre sounds as well being very easy to control and equally functional.

There are also four smaller controls, DEPTH, SPEED, GAIN and TONE; using an LFO (Lower Frequency Oscillation) circuit you can add modulation to your delay. ‘Depth’ controls the intensity of the modulation and the ‘Speed’ is the rate at which the modulation oscillates. GAIN; clips the signal to add grit and a slight overdrive to only the repeated signal. TONE; changes the delay from a very dark, thick tone to a brighter tone more like the dry guitar signal.

There are two footswitches on the pedal. One bypass switch (obviously, wouldn’t get far without that) and one switch with two functions, Tap Tempo or hold for Trails. There is a little LED underneath the delay control that indicates whether the Trail function is engaged or not, if on the delay will continue once the pedal has been turned off. This is a fantastic feature for a more subtle use of the pedal while performing if you don’t want the delay to just cut out.

The pedal features an expression out on the top allowing the option for adding an additional foot controller to adjust the speed of the delay. (a perfect match would be the new Dunlop Volume ‘X’).

This pedal can really cover everything you could possibly need from the shortest tight slap back to a long sweeping ambient delay and every single step in-between.