Schecter Banshee FR

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A recent new trend for Schecter is providing players with slim necked, super playable shred machines.  The newer Blackjack ATX & SLS models provide the standard Schecter “C” shape with slimmer necks and bodies for full grunt riffing.  But, for those players who prefer more traditional super slim neck and locking Floyd Rose trem , Schecter have delivered a new range of monster guitars, aptly named The Banshee.  In Irish folklore a banshee wails nearby if someone is about to die, and she can appear in different forms, sometimes hideously ugly, or a beautiful woman.

Schecter have obviously taken inspiration from the latter, as at first glance the Banshee is a stunning guitar!  With the options of Active EMG (81/85) or Passive Seymour Duncan (JB SH4/59-SH-1N) pickups, she definitely wails. Hopefully it isn’t a sign of your impending doom, but that of the crowd as you crush them with massive low end riffs and screaming solo’s.

The Banshee not only has classic “super strat” features, such as a bolt on neck and genuine Floyd Rose, but the usual Schecter high end finish, on an Alder body and flamed maple top, ebony fretboard with 24 jumbo frets (a must for shred heads).  With the ever trusted Floyd Rose, Schecter have the addition of Grover Rotomatics 18:1 ratio tuners for extra stability, and a very tasty multi-laminate Maple and Walnut neck.  Here Schecter explain the purpose of using this design for the neck:

“Made from 3 pieces of maple and 2 center strips of walnut. This well balanced combination of select wood takes the bright tones of maple and adds a dark tone from the walnut strips. Often used for Thru neck construction giving the acoustic tone of the instrument a perfect string vibration transfer to the body.”

A compound radius fretboard allows for comfortable chord playing further down the neck, but allowing for responsive choke free solo’s higher up, and Ebony finger board which is not only great looking, but responsive to picking and aiding sustain.




Next time you are passing Denmark street, come into the Westside Mi showroom to try these awesome new guitars for yourself. Be sure to bring your shredding fingers!