Schecter Blackjack SLS

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Want massive sounds? Want a few options when choosing a guitar? Fancy chugging out a few riffs or shredding out a 5 minute prog masterpiece?

Well what do you think about taking some Seymour Duncan, American made pickups, a slim line Mahogany body and an ultra-thin Maple neck profile with a satin finish, stick an Ebony fretboard on it and voila… you have a Schecter Blackjack SLS.

This recent release from the Californian guitar company is one mighty weapon! The options on this guitar are staggering, with the pickup choice of either Active Duncan Blackouts or Passive Duncan Full Shred and Jazz combo. Available in C-1 shapes, 7 and 8 strings, Solo, PT, V and Avenger shapes, with or without the option of a Sustaniac pickup and/or a Floyd Rose system. Even a V shaped 8 string is available!! All in either a Matte Black, Red burst or Blue burst finish. Also chucked in are locking tuners and a Tonepros TOM system if you don’t fancy a Floyd Rose.

Come and check them out at Westside Mi, Denmark Street, London.