Schecter Ultra VI

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Schecter are no strangers to inventing innovative and brilliant guitars, they never sit on their hands when there’s noise to be made.  This unique instrument fills the gap between bass and guitar and adds a dynamic’s not conventionally explored in your average band. The Schecter Ultra VI can be tuned E-E so for most guitarists and bass players it’s not a steep learning curve to get your head around and you’ll be flooded with new ideas.

With the Duncan Designed FG-101 pickups, the Schecter Ultra VI exhibits a full tonality in the tradition of rockabilly hollow body guitars with a complex structure and improved clarity. Each pickup has a 3-way switch for on/off/coil-tap that provides the Schecter Ultra VI with an abundance of different voices, enough in fact to cover anything from smooth jazz, to crisp funk, to raw fuzzed out rock. The extended 30 scale keeps tension just right and the low end tight while still allowing for bends on the higher strings; they are strung with 0.25-0.95. Equipped with Tone Pros hardware, brass saddles and Grover Rotomatic machine heads it’s a tank of a guitar. The Schecter Ultra VI is a versatile instrument that will bring a unique tonality to any band or performance.