Voodoo Lab Giggity and Sparkle Drive Mod

WebGuy Brands, Voodoo Lab

The Voodoo Lab Giggity is a tone shaping all analog preamp with an endless array of capabilities for fine tuning your sound.

Like all pedals it takes a little experimentation on your part as to where in the chain you will most prefer to use the pedal.  Putting it last or first in the chain will effect how the pedal responds.

The Sun and Moon control has four modes ranging from the Sun, delivering lighter and brighter high end and overtones, over to the Moon with darker and warmer tones.



The body control allows you to adjust the low mids, thickness and to change the tonality of your single coil pickup to more of a Humbucker like response, whilst the Air control adjusts the higher frequencies and adds sparkle and a more shimmering high end.

Used correctly and with a little subtle tweaking this pedal can be used to add definition to a pickup, change a pickups tone completely or even adjust the dynamic range and sonic capability of your amplifier. Push the air and pull back the body control for a more Dumble like front end, push the loudness and bring back the air control for more a Plexi kind of tone……trust me the array of sounds you can get from this pedal is just incredible. It can be both a subtle or very drastic effect.

You can also use Giggity to add more control to the more simple of effects. For example placing it after a Fuzz Face with its very simple controls gives the ability to add more dynamic range and more setting options to shape your sound and make it completely unique.

A perfect combination with the Giggity is the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod. Although brilliant independent pedals there is something almost magical about the two combined. Tones from Hot Rod Vintage amps to screaming lead sounds the possibilities are well and truly endless.



With the Sparkle Drive Mods unique 4 stage gain selector (Vintage, Blues, Rhythm and Lead) this pedal is one of the most versatile drive pedals I have ever come across. Tweak-able to every individuals needs and guitar preference. The clean control allows the user to blend their clean/dry guitar signal with the gain stage of the pedal, adding extra clarity and articulation to you overdriven sound. Place a Sparkle Drive Mod and Giggity inline with one another and you instantly have more drive option and tone option than ever before.

Come and give this awesome combo a test for yourself…